Group Exhibitions

Selected Group Exhibitions

- 2015

Artist´s Statement.

In my latest work I have been exploring the issues concerning commodities and its domestic implications.  Particulary regarding to the everyday objects used by any common family: coverlets, tapestry, etc.  All of then joined by the realm of dreams as a meaning of its nighttime existance.  With the assistance of my sister, I started this work in my hometown of Pinar del Rio, as a way to rescue some of the patchwork techniques so commonly used by the seamstresses, namely by those who do their work in rural regions.

With the use of a sewing machine, and recycling all sort of worn-out clothes and fabrics provided by my family and neighbors, at first I began to reproduce different patterns in which I later emboided on the background of the coverlets as the expression of my own dreams and obsessions that had grown up by this new working relation and odd context.

As a second part of the project I will lend these coverlets to friends in Havana with the aim that they might use them for some time in any way they like, and also ask them to response by letter any occurrence or episode ocurred to them while they were interacting with the objects.  After that the result will recovered by photographs to be displayed along with the coverlets and the texts.

Ibrahim Miranda

February, 1998